Paul Johnston
Unique Urban Homes

“Mid-rise development is the type of housing that homebuyers crave, close to the street, where the very essence of city life is within reach.”

Paul Johnston is at the forefront of progressive and modern urban development across Toronto, with over fifteen years experience representing properties of consequence that have helped transform neighbourhoods. He and his team believe that great design is essential to great living, and that Toronto deserves inspiring architecture that is reflective of the times in which we live.

development INC.

“As undeniable as gravity, and just as inconspicuous. You’ll know us by the teams we put together.”

Founded in 2020, NVSBLE is helmed by a team with over 15 years of development and construction experience. Its cumulative portfolio includes the development of more than 1,000 residential and 100 commercial units, from low-rise to high. NVSBLE has also piloted the construction for one of Canada’s largest residential condominium builders and designed and built custom high-end homes in Toronto. This team of experts is meticulous when choosing sites, architects, designers, and consultants, and delivers compelling results that are context-appropriate and design-driven. Learn more at


“Biblio uniquely responds to the robust adjacent heritage context – not simply through modern contrast, but rather by being in dialogue.”

BDP Quadrangle is one of Canada’s leading architecture, design and urbanism practices. Based in Toronto, Canada, our expertise spans designing for the full spectrum of the built environment including mixed-use, residential, workplace, retail, transit, media, education and health.


“A brand is a living entity that is the equal sum of its verbal, visual and experiential identities.”

Biography is a multi-disciplinary branding consultancy of designers and creative thinkers. Our vision is for inspired results that make a lasting impact. Our passion is for compelling design. Our strength is an ability to provide innovative concepts that extend beyond the predictable. We are listeners and storytellers who combine imaginative ideas with thoughtful design solutions to craft and cultivate brands.


“The space is not about the designer, it’s about the end user. This idea has given us the ability to create compelling and thoughtful design.”

We are a hands-on, interdisciplinary, boutique design firm that creates stimulating and soulful environments and products for designers and clients around the world. We provide environments that you can feel in, and environments with feeling.